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Blackwoods by the Shore, Margate

$1,100.00 (Unframed)

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Size: 70 × 49 cm

Reduction Linocut in Oil ink
Edition size: 7
Location: Margate shoreline, Channel region, Southern Tasmania

This artwork can also be purchased through the Colville Gallery, which offers the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme for Australian residents.


Blackwoods by the Shore, is a hand printed reduction linocut and monoprint in oil inks, on Fabriano Artistico paper.

I often park the car and have a coffee at this spot near the Dru Point boat ramp in Margate. The water and sky are always changing, and blackwood trees grow on the bank just above the shore. This artwork was inspired by the intricate outlines of the blackwood trees against the waters of North West bay, and the general tranquil beauty of the scene. The sky, distant hills and water were built up with successive montype layers, where the ink was manipulated on the lino surface prior to being transferred to paper. The boats and foreground were created using traditional reduction linocut techniques.