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$2,600.00 (Unframed)

In stock

Size: 100 × 78 cm

Reduction Linocut in Oil ink
Edition size: 5
Location: White Beach, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

This artwork can also be purchased through the Colville Gallery, which offers the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme for Australian residents.


Gathering, is a hand printed reduction linocut in oil inks, on Fabriano Artistico paper.

For the people camping near White Beach at Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, it takes only a few steps down a sandy path lined with bottlebrush and native geraniums to reach the water. Throughout the summer months this area is full of campers going about their holiday activities in small groups – friendly, but not exchanging more than a few words or a smile with their temporary neighbours. As it nears sunset, small groups of people begin to trickle down to the shore, braving the often chill wind in their jumpers and scarves to look out over the choppy water. This becomes an unofficial and unplanned gathering of people coming together to watch the sunset. With this artwork, I aim to depict the unifying power that a shared appreciation of nature can bring out in people who are otherwise focussed on their own activities, concerns, and beliefs.