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Lost Forests: Bruny Island Lighthouse and the Actaeon Reef

$1,800.00 (Unframed)

In stock

Size: 90 × 61 cm

Reduction Linocut in Oil ink
Edition size: 5
Location: Actaeon Reef and Lighthouse, Bruny Island, Tasmania

This artwork can also be purchased through the Colville Gallery, which offers the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme for Australian residents.


Lost Forests is a hand printed reduction linocut in oil inks, on Fabriano Artistico paper.

The Actaeon Reef system is situated at the southern entrance to the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, in southern Tasmania. It was named after a ship that was wrecked on the reef in 1822, one of a number of shipwrecks that prompted the building of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse that overlooks the area.

Years ago, I experienced the privilege of scuba diving through a kelp forest close to this area, finding myself part of a wider and more mystical world, previously unseen and unsuspected. Now, decades later, less than 5 per cent of eastern Tasmania’s kelp forests remain, a loss which has occurred largely out of sight and out of mind. This motivated me to represent a kelp forest in an artwork. In the bottom left corner I have added a Ziebell’s handfish, a species that has been found on the edge of the Actaeon kelp forests and is currently listed as critically endangered.

In this artwork I play with unusual perspective; blending an underwater scene looking upwards, with a view of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse from across the surface of the landscape. I aim to evoke a feeling of mysteriousness and wonder by depicting real places from a magical perspective.