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Pencil Pine, Dove Lake

$450.00 (Unframed)

In stock

Size: 30 × 40 cm

Two Plate Linocut and Monoprint in Oil ink
Edition size: 3
Location: Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

This artwork can also be purchased through the Colville Gallery, which offers the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme for Australian residents.


Pencil Pine, is a hand printed two plate linocut in oil inks, on Fabriano Artistico paper. Subtle effects in the water and distant hills were created using monoprint techniques, where the ink was manipulated on the plate after rolling it on and before its transfer to paper.

This artwork was inspired by the delicate and distinctive shape of a pencil pine at the edge of Dove lake during a rainy morning walk. All the foreground foliage had a subtle clean intensity of colour which made the soft reds and oranges almost glow against the fresh greens. Across the lake, row after row of mountain ranges receded into the distance becoming increasingly veiled in mist and cloud, until it was hard to tell where the mountain ended and the sky began.